Description Postage & Handling Important Information


-         Made from quality Nylon material 

-         Lots of upgrades available on the market 

-         Upgraded 11.1v Li-PO Battery

-         Electric magazine fed

-         Magazine priming function (leaver on left hand side) 

-         Folding tactical stock (can be completely removed) 

-         Powerful V2 gearbox

-         Strong nylon gears

-         Exposed barrel for hop up

-         Three different rates of fire; single shot, 3 shot bursts and automatic.



Gel Ball Ammo Size; 7-8mm

Rate of Fire; Up to 15 gels p/s

Average projectile velocity; 260 fps

Firing Range; 25+ meters

Firing Modes; Safe/Semi/3 shot burst/Automatic



  • 1 x Kriss Vector v2 Gel Blaster
  • 1x Magazine
  • 1x Upgrade 11.1v Li-PO Rechargeable battery
  • 1x USB charging lead
  • 1x Flash hider
  • 1x Holographic sight (batteries included) 
  • 1x Plastic ‘iron sights’
  • 1x Suppressor
  • 1x Front grip
  • 1x Laser (working) 
  • 1x Safety glasses
  • 1x Soaking bottle
  • 10,000 Dehydrated hardened gel balls


Our store ships Australia wide, with postage guaranteed or your money back. 

Estimated Postage Guide;


  • If you are in the Brisbane/South east QLD region 1-3 days 
  • Other major cities 1-3 days 
  • All other areas 2-3 days 
  • Remote areas may take up to 2-5 days. 


  • If you are in the Brisbane/South east QLD region 1-3 days 
  • Other major cities 3-6 days
  • All other areas 4-10 days 
  • Remote areas may take up to 6-12 days 

Please be aware of the following for best practices. 

Legality - Gel blasters are 'toys' and should be used accordingly (NOT to be carried in public). If you are concerned of the legality in your place of residence, contact your local authorities.   

Eye protection- always ensure that eye protection is worn to prevent serious eye injuries.  

Gels- require 4-6 hours soaking time in water to reach the correct size for operation of 7-8mm. Larger or smaller than this range will result in product malfunction. It is recommended that you purchase some of our hardened gels as often the gels that come standard from the factory are of low quality. 

For models with removable batteries

Battery- to get the best life out of your battery, always remove from blaster before charging, try not to run battery completely dead before re-charging and ONLY charge for 40 minutes at one time. We do recommend using a balance charger.